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Many spouses agree that they want to end their marriage with as little drama as possible and aim to file their divorce as an uncontested case. Some spouses are looking for a fast divorce, other just want to keep their affairs private and not set foot in a courthouse. Maybe both partners are committed to an amicable split. Whatever the reasons may be, a successful uncontested divorce requires the spouses to carefully look at all the things that need to be decided and come to an agreement. This can happen through direct, one-on-one conversation or with the help of a family mediator or attorney.

To help couples who really want to try to talk through their divorce issues, I have created a checklist and worksheet. These tools are designed to help spouses think through all of the topics that will need to be addressed in their divorce if they move forward. Too often, spouses think they have reached a quick agreement, only to be frustrated later when things fall apart because something important was missed.

As you work through the list, keep in mind that even if you are not able to reach an agreement, talking about all of these items will help you identify where you are stuck and where you agree, which brings you one step closer to the resolution of your marriage. If you have lots of questions as you work through this, that is a good sign you could use the help of a family attorney or family mediator. Call or contact me for a free consultation.