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Our law firm can professionally handle your uncontested Missouri divorce for an affordable, one-time flat fee.

Our law firm can professionally handle your uncontested Missouri divorce for a reasonable, one-time flat fee.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce

The traditional process of getting a divorce can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. The main source of these issues is simple. Disagreement. However, many couples who wish to divorce can work through how to conclude their marriage without the need for a judge to decide for them or expensive court battles. Couples who agree on all of the terms of their divorce can save time and money by submitting a divorce by agreement also called an uncontested divorce.

Divorce by Agreement – Our Process In a Nutshell

Complete Your Intake

The first step is gathering the information your attorney needs to draft your divorce paperwork. Intake forms can be completed online or by phone appointment. Once you have completed your intake and pay your one-time flat fee, work starts on your case.

Review Your Professionally Drafted Divorce Documents

Your attorney will review your information, answer any questions, and get busy drafting all of the documents needed for you to get divorced in Missouri. A draft of your divorce will be ready for you to review by email in a few days.

Sign Your Final Divorce Paperwork

 Once you are satisfied with your documents, all you will need to do is sign them in front of a notary.  Your spouse will have their own packet to review and sign.  Your attorney will handle the rest on your behalf and take it from there. In many cases, no court appearance is required.

Attorney Jessica Emery was without a doubt the nicest most helpful attorney I have ever met! She smoothed out what otherwise would have been a painful process and made sure I understood everything along the way with genuine care. I would certainly without a doubt recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much!

“Jessica handled my case for me, she was super professional and on the ball. She kept me updated with each step of the process. Everything was explained thoroughly and the dissolution was done pretty quick. I definitely recommend Emery Law Firm and Jessica specifically.”

“I just want to say that you are awesome. You are professional but still so down to earth and that is a great combination. You couldn’t have made this  process any easier and couldn’t have made me more comfortable. I know lawyers get a bad rap a lot of times and some of the ones I’ve spoken too seemed so stern and rigid. Thank you for not being that way.”

Simple, Flat-Fee Prices 

Our one-time flat-rate uncontested divorce prices are listed below. Prices include a licensed Missouri attorney drafting your divorce paperwork. These prices do not include filing fees (which typically are $100-160), parenting class fees or other court mandated costs, which vary by county. In most cases, no court appearance is required to complete your divorce, but this cannot be guaranteed. The prices below do not include special documents such as Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (division of pension plans), deed or title work, or court appearances which will be quoted separately, if necessary. Counties we currently serve are St. Louis County, City of St. Louis, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County.  All terms must be fully agreed on prior to drafting. Contested matters or matters that require additional negotiation or litigation do not qualify for this pricing.

FAQ’s About Uncontested Divorce

What exactly is an "uncontested" divorce?

An “uncontested divorce” means that the spouses have reached an agreement on all of the terms of their divorce before it is ever filed. This is typically the fastest and most cost-effective way to get a divorce.

What if my spouse and I have agreed on almost everything, but not quite?

If you don’t have a full agreement, then you can’t get an uncontested divorce – yet. Often people ask this question when they are both committed to keeping their divorce amicable or low cost, but have hit a snag in their discussions. There are several ways to help you reach your goals. Give us a call to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys to learn more about your options.

How fast can my divorce be filed?

How fast can you get us your intake form or come in for an appointment? Once you get us the information we need, your divorce paperwork can be ready for you to review and sign in as little as 1-2 business days. Once we receive your signed, notarized forms we will file them electronically with the court.

Does Missouri have a waiting period?

Either you or your spouse should be a resident of the state of Missouri for 90 days before filing. Missouri requires 30 days to pass bewteen filing and final judgment.

What is a QDRO and do I need one?

If you and your spouse want to divide a 401k as part of your settlement agreement, or other pension plan, you will need a very specific kind of order to do so. In most cases this is called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO. It is a document signed by a judge telling the pension plan how to divide the funds. You only need one if one spouse is receiving a share of the other spouse’s retirement account. If each spouse is keeping their own, no QDRO is needed. QDRO drafting is an additional service and not included in our standard flat-fee.

My spouse and I just want to be flexible about children's visits. Do we really need a parenting schedule?

If you and your spouse are willing to work together congenially about visits with the kids, that is awesome! But yes, you still need a schedule in your parenting plan even if you plan on being felxible about it. It is required by the courts (and for good reasons). 

Will you represent both of us?

No, it would be against the rules of ethics for a law firm to represent both parties in a divorce. Our firm can only represent one spouse. We recommend that the other spouse to read through the settlement documents with an attorney of their choosing.

Do we really need to list all of our property? We have already divided everything

It can be a pain to think about the property you own and make a list. A property list is required in every divorce by the court. Moreover, a good settlement agreement doesn’t leave things untidy. Your attorney needs to understand what property is involved to make sure to draft the right language to best protect you.

Can everything be done online?

Yes! We are a modern firm and leverage secure legal technology as much as possible. You can complete your divorce forms online and send them to us electronically. The only aspect of your divorce that would require you to interact with a person is signing your documents in front of a notary. There are plenty of mobile notaries available, as well as notary services at most banks and office supply stores. 

Will we need to go to court?

Probably not. The counties we serve are counties that permit the parties to submit an affidavit instead of coming to court for a final hearing. It is always possible for a judge to refuse to hear your case by affidavit and require a hearing, but generally unlikely. 

Why Choose Our Firm

Affordable Flat Fees

Divorce can be hard on the pocket book and time consuming. Flat-fee pricing can help you save significantly over traditional hourly-billed divorce services. Your fee includes the preparation and filing of all the necessary paperwork for your uncontested divorce in Missouri. There are never any surprise bills or big retainers with our flat-fee uncontested divorce service. 

Save Valuable Time

Your time is valuable. Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement on how to end your marriage, there is no reason a divorce should take any longer than is required. We do everything we can to make your divorce go smoothly and quickly, from working with you online to electronic filing. Our process is designed to be efficient and effective while providing the quality service you deserve.

Peace of Mind

Online services offering cheap forms you have to file yourself and do-it-yourself divorce kits are risky. They can be time consuming and costly if you make an error – and there is no one to answer your questions. Your divorce is an important legal matter no matter how much or little you own. Get peace of mind knowing a professional is handling the case.

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