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A Fast and Affordable Divorce Option

People often wonder how fast a divorce can happen in Missouri or how to get a divorce done on a small budget.  An uncontested divorce is often the answer. Here’s why: The legal process of ending a marriage is focused on separating the things you shared as a married couple: income, property, debts, time with your children, and expenses related to children. A judge usually only needs to step in to this process and decide things for you if you cannot agree on how to handle any of those aspects of your divorce. Therefore, the fastest divorce in Missouri is one in which both spouses are in agreement about all of the terms on which they are ending their marriage such as alimony, child support, a parenting plan and how to apportion any assets or debts.

When both parties agree to the terms of the divorce, the case can be resolved quickly, usually after the minimum wait time of 30 days after filing has passed. In many cases and jurisdictions, the judge will be able to review the settlement agreement and approve without either party having to come to court if an attorney was involved.

Uncontested divorce, or divorce by agreement, is also typically the least expensive way to get divorced.  Arguing in court over how to end your marriage is time consuming and therefore can be very expensive.  If you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce, however, an experienced attorney can draft the necessary divorce documents quickly and efficiently.  In many cases no court appearance is required.

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