Divorce with Litigation

Going through the legal process of divorce can be confusing and painful, but it does not have to be.  A good family lawyer will take the time to listen, explain the law and the divorce process thoroughly — in language you can understand — so that you can make reasoned decisions about your family, your case and your future. Throughout the process, a family lawyer is not just your passionate advocate who fights for your goals but also your guide and partner to develop a path forward through the legal process.

Divorce can be both emotionally and financially draining as you and your spouse start on the path to separate lives. It is tempting to look for the cheapest lawyer or use a do it yourself divorce kit thinking this is going to be the fastest and cheapest way to get divorced in Missouri. However, not hiring the right professional when you need one can cost more in the long run. A professional divorce attorney is the smart choice when you need a divorce, uncontested or otherwise. 

Although many divorces can be settled by agreement before they are ever filed, this is not always the case. Sometimes, for various reasons, a legal action must be started in court before the parties are able to resolve all of the issues involved in their case. This is a contested divorce or divorce with litigation. This is one of three pathways a couple can follow to end their marriage. The other two are divorce by agreement (uncontested divorce), and collaborative divorce (facilitated settlement negotiations).

We offer affordable options including flat-fee divorce pricing. If you need help with a contested divorce, contact us for a consultation. Be confident in choosing an attorney who fits your needs and budget. 

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